Is acrylic coating better than laminate for kitchen cabinets?

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Acrylic coating and laminates are both popular options for finishing when making kitchen cabinetry. However, you do not want your kitchen to only look sleek and glossy. You also want it to last long which is inclusive of it withstanding possible water spillage, exposure to heat and moisture and regular wear and tear through the years.

So, overall one must look for a surface finish that is visually appealing, has a good life span and is also pocket-friendly. To find this out, I have written down a few key features and differences that both these finishes will bring to your kitchen cabinets, counter tops and other kitchen furniture.

1) Acrylic coating – If you want your kitchen to have an ultra glossy finish, then acrylic coating is for you. A non-toxic finish, your kitchen cabinets will give out a mirror-like look which is honestly very beautiful to look at. What is all the more advantageous is that acrylic finishes are durable, fairly scratch and moisture resistant, do not fade away or delaminate even after a number of years and are available in several vibrant colors (though not as vast as laminates).

However, these premium finishes, have a few cons too. Though easy to clean, acrylic finishes need to be cleaned regularly as dirt, grease, fingerprints and other stains/marks are visible on them. Not to forget that high aesthetic appeal means shelling more money from your pocket. Hence in comparison to laminates, acrylic coating are expensive. Also after years of use, if you plan to replace the acrylic finishing of your kitchen cabinetry, then it is not so easy to find the exact matching hue.

2) Laminates – Laminates or commonly referred to as ‘sunmica’ in India are an age-old favorite among carpenters as well as Indian homes. A number of home furniture, including kitchen cabinetry are finished with laminates in different colours and patterns due to their durability, easy availability, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

If you are planning to use laminates as a surface material for your kitchen cabinets, then you do not have to worry about their strength or availability. Easily found in offline and online stores, laminates come in various colours, numerous textures and finishes (matte, textured, metal, gloss and ultra-gloss). Laminates also have the advantage of being moisture-free and heat-resistant, are relatively low on maintenance and budget-friendly.

On the flip side, laminates (even the ultra-glossy finishes) do not have that shine and sophisticated look that acrylic coating would bring to your kitchen cabinetry.

Realistically speaking, a fully acrylic finished kitchen is often found in high-end kitchens or a kitchen were striking look is the main criteria and budget is not a big issue for the owner. If that works for you, then go for acrylic. However, if you are working on a restricted budget but want your cabinets to look good and be durable too, then go for laminates. In fact, you and your vendor can check some decorative laminates at Rollinglogs

and also benefit from the discounted prices they offer.

Now, if you have budget limitations, but also want that visually glossy appeal that an acrylic finish brings, then talk to your vendor and try to infuse both these materials when making your kitchen cabinets. Your lower cabinets (below the kitchen platform) can be made from laminate (as they are more subject to stains and regular handling) while the upper cabinets can be made from acrylic. Thus you can achieve your goal by using both these materials.