What is the best color combination for kitchen cabinets with black countertop?

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White looks great, but can be tough to maintain on a prolonged basis. I have a grey/silver for both lower and upper cabinets in my kitchen with a glossy finish. This looks great too and is more tolerant towards dust and stains. You can go for two tones – that is one color for the top cabinets and one for the lower ones. A lighter color for top cabinets will make the kitchen look bigger. A darker color for lower cabinets will camouflage the darker stains.


Have you thought of maroon or deep red? Another popular choice is any stain of wood. It’s a personal choice. I personally stay away from browns as it gives a older look.

It’s not just the countertop and cabinet colors that matter when it comes to appearance. I had a blue wall color earlier because of some miscommunication with the painters. My initial choice was white for wall color. I lived with the blue for a year before changing it to white. It made a world of difference opening up the kitchen even more by letting in more light. So consider everything before you decide the cabinet colors – wall color, lower cabinet, top cabinet, color of your appliances such as fridge, microwave, dishwasher etc.